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Assault Rifles are a weapon type in Zombie Army 4: Dead War.


Automatic and spread weapons are essential when dealing with a mass of flesh eating corpses. Not only do they allow for huge bullet delivery and area cover, they also pack a punch. Not everyone is a sniper whiz, so having a spray weapon that can riddle a zombie full of lead is a must!

List of Assault Rifles[]

Name Description Type
FG-42 Automatic Rifle One of the most advanced weapons of World War 2 salvaged for the Dead War, The FG-42 automatic rifle is a destructive upgrade to your arsenal - packing all of the intense firepower of a light machine gun with none of the heft! Assault Rifle
M1 Semi-Auto Carbine Lightweight and easy to use, the M1 Semi-auto Carbine lets you shred the dead and stave off dread! This American-made extinction event is perfect for close-range combat, taking down enemies in seconds! Assault Rifle
MP44 The MP44 was a German assault rifle that was extremely successful during World War 2. As the Zombie hordes grew, the relatively short cartridge, controllable automatic fire and a more compact design proved particularly effective against the onslaught of Hitler's undead. Assault Rifle

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