Grotesque, lumbering, bloodthirsty, rotting and groany are just some of the way in which you could describe the undead. In Zombie Army 4: Dead War, all of these words are applicable, however your generic zombie isn't all you'll find on the battlefield. A whole host of undead horrors await! Here are some of the nasties you will find during your campaign. Face them if you dare!

  • Zombie Grunt The commonly faced undead adversary.
  • Zombie Officer A higher ranking undead fiend with the ability to mysteriously control his rotting squad.
  • Zombie Elites Much larger in stature and way harder to kill. Often carries hellish weaponry.
  • Unique Zombies An array of undead creatures each with individual murderous traits.
  • Zombie Vehicles A freakish hybrid of technology and undead biology. One to avoid if necessary.
  • Hitler The true embodiment of evil. The leader and architect behind the undead apocalypse.
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