"They don't call me elite for nothing."

Karl is one of the four playable survivors in Zombie Army 4: Dead War.

He’s an expert sniper, has killed Hitler (at least once!), and takes his job EXTREMELY seriously – Karl returns to silence this wretched scourge for good!

Karl – The Veteran:

Karl’s wartime accomplishments are common knowledge amongst his colleagues. His skills as a sniper were crucial in the initial banishment of Hitler. Even after the defeat of Hitler, Karl remained behind to cover to extraction of his squad, right up until he had run out of ammunition and resorted to hand to hand combat. Presumed dead he re-joined the Resistance, saving the lives of an overwhelmed Resistance squad with his rifle from atop the ruins of Milan Cathedral.


  • Overkill requires fewer kills to charge
  • Empty Lung costs less Stamina
  • Increased Critical Hit chance on long range shots.


  • Slower health regeneration


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