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Pistols are a weapon type in Zombie Army 4: Dead War.


Your trusty pistols whilst seemingly small in stature, can often be the deciding factor when in search of that final fatal shot. What they lack in range they make up for in close range combat and can pop heads just as effectively as some of your more high powered weaponry.

List of Pistols[]

Name Description Type
C96 Pistol The "Broomhandle". In the war against the undead the high capacity magazine has made this a solid choice for sweeping the streets free of zombies. Pistol
Crossbow Pistol N/A Crossbow/Pistol
Luger It’s time to bring a new meaning to ‘point and shoot!’ One of the most accurate guns ever made, this semi-automatic pistol has a fearsome reputation for a reason! It’s time to show the undead hordes exactly why they should be terrified – aim for the head! Pistol
M1911 The reliable and versatile standard issue sidearm of the US Forces has made this popular among the survivors of the Dead War. The large magazine and high rate of fire make it a reliable go-to sidearm. Pistol
Shotgun Pistol Phenomenal stopping power in a pistol? Believe it! Pairing a double-barrel shotgun with a pistol grip, this contraband blaster packs a punch! Don’t worry about aiming – with a blast radius like this in the palm of your hand, destruction is guaranteed! Shotgun/Pistol
Webley MKVI Standard issue for the British Empire from 1887, the Webley is still in use int he war against the undead due to extremely powerful .455 cartridges. The solid top-breaking revolver build requires long reload times. Pistol
Wehrmacht P08 Pistol

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