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Shotguns are a weapon type in Zombie Army 4: Dead War.


List of Shotguns[]

Name Description Type
M30 Drilling The M30 Drilling ("Triple") is adapted for the Dead War to have three 12-gauge barrels for maximum damage output against the Zombie hordes! Shotguns
Mortar Shotgun Talk about a pocket rocket! The Chevalier Mortar is an M1 Mortar repurposed as a shotgun! With unbelievable stopping power and an explosive finish, it won’t just stop the dead in their tracks, it’ll blow them apart! Shotgun
Shotgun Pistol Phenomenal stopping power in a pistol? Believe it! Pairing a double-barrel shotgun with a pistol grip, this contraband blaster packs a punch! Don’t worry about aiming – with a blast radius like this in the palm of your hand, destruction is guaranteed! Shotgun/Pistol
Trench Gun The pump action reload makes quick shots to the heads, an extremely effective way of clearing out nests of zombies. The "Trench Gun" has found a new use in the streets of the undead. Shotguns

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