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Sniper Rifles are a weapon type in Zombie Army 4: Dead War.


Powerful, ranged and more often than not decisive in result. The sniper rifle is your trusty sidekick when it comes to long distance head popping. Many of the undead come already pre-packaged with helmets, protecting that still active rotten brain! Take in a deep breath, slowly release and pull that trigger!

List of Sniper Rifles[]

Name Description Type
M1 Garand The M1 Garand was the first standard issue semi-auto US service rifle. Its high rate of fire makes it tremendous at putting the undead back down. It cannot be reloaded until all the round have been fired, so keep count! Sniper Rifle
M1895 Repeater The M1895 Rifle won the wild west but is mainly ornamental now. It has been re-purposed and finds a new lease of life in the Dead War rather than just sitting mounted about the "II Fuicile" bar. Sniper Rifle
Mosin-Nagant M91/30 This weapon may have been mass produced, but for a reason. It has an incredible amount of fire power that can shred a zombie to pieces. Sniper Rifle

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