In amongst all the usual horrors, you will come into contact

with an array of very unique zombies. Each of these come armed with their own hellish traits that will imprint a chill down your spine! For example shadow demons appear from the depths of hell itself and attempt to drag you back down with them. The zombie sniper bounces to and fro amongst the rooftops, looking for the perfect shot to ruin your day! Suiciders run screaming, infused with explosives in order to blow you to bits! These are just some of the miscreants that seek to keep your campaign short. Make sure to deal with them as swiftly as possible!


Blind Screamer - Severly mutated creature that reacts to sound. Upon detection it screams and runs at victim causing high damage.


  • High health.


  • No ranged attack ability.

Creeper - Fast moving with a low centre of gravity. Highly aggresive and hunts in packs.


  • Quick movement.
  • Hard to target being so low on the ground.


  • No armour.

Grenadier - Heavily armoured monstrosity that protects itself with a shield whilst tossing grenades.


  • Protected by armoured sheild.
  • Fond of thrown explosives.


  • Prone to looking over sheild, exposing head.
  • Lumbered movement.

Suicider - Sprinting zombie, carrying explosives. Detonates upon arrival of victim.


  • Speedy movement.
  • Highly damaging explosive capabilities.


  • No armour, will explode when downed.

Shadow Demon - Demonic entity that can grab victims via telportation means.


  • Can move about the level very quickly.
  • Can steal squad members very quickly.


  • Is easily exposed when dealt with by ranged weapons.

Sniper - Undead soldier with long range rifle capabilities. Can jump long distances.


  • Ranged firing capabilites.
  • Deals high damage.
  • Hard to taget because of jumping distance.


  • No armour.
  • Can be downed with precise opposing rifle fire.

Shark - A large zombified fish that can be used as a trap for unsuspecting zombie enemies.


  • Can attack teamates if trap is sprung in their vicinity.


  • Needs water and theme music.
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