The following is a list of weapons in the game Zombie Army 4: Dead War.

List of weaponsEdit

Name Description Type
C96 Pistol The "Broomhandle". In the war against the undead the high capacity magazine has made this a solid choice for sweeping the streets free of zombies. Pistols
Divine Blast A versatile shockwave attack that will knock down most opponents, whilst healing the user by a small amount for every enemy hit. Special melee
Electric Fist This powerful knuckleduster will stun enemies with supercharged electric currents when landing a punch. Special melee
FG42 The FG42 is a comparatively lightweight machine gun that has an incredible amount of fire power. The Zombie horde will get torn to shreds by it! Shotguns
Gewehr 43 The semi-automatic Gewehr 43 was developed as an infantry rifle by Germany in WWII. In the Dead War its magazine and quick reloads have made it a favorite among the resistance fighters. Rifles
Incendiary Axe Throw A slightly modified hatchet: light weight, yet effective at short distances, with the additional bonus of setting things on fire. Speccial melee
Machete Slash This blade will cut through multiple targets while inflicting maximum damage. Special melee
M1 Garand The M1 Garand was the first standard issue semi-auto US service rifle. Its high rate of fire makes it tremendous at putting the undead back down. It cannot be reloaded until all the round have been fired, so keep count! Rifles
M1895 Repeater The M1895 Rifle won the wild west but is mainly ornamental now. It has been re-purposed and finds a new lease of life in the Dead War rather than just sitting mounted about the "II Fuicile" bar. Rifles
M1911 The reliable and versatile standard issue sidearm of the US Forces has made this popular among the survivors of the Dead War. The large magazine and high rateof fire make it a reliable go-to sidearm. Pistols
M30 Drilling The M30 Drilling ("Triple") is adapted for the Dead War to have three 12-gauge barrels for maximum damage output against the Zombie hordes! Shotguns
Mosin-Nagant M91/30 This weapon may have been mass produced, but for a reason. It has an incredible amount of fire power that can shred a zombie to pieces. Rifles
MP44 The MP44 was a German assault rifle that was extremely successful during World War 2. As the Zombie hordes grew, the relatively short cartridge, controllable automatic fire and a more compact design proved particularly effective against the onslaught of Hitler's undead. Shotguns
Thompson The "Tommy Gun," made famous by law enforcement and criminals alike has found a new purpose for its high rate of fire and comparatively low recoil in putting down zombies in the Dead War. Shotguns
Trench Gun The pump action reload makes quick shots to the heads, an extremely effective way of clearing out nests of zombies. The "Trench Gun" has found a new use in the streets of the undead. Shotguns
Webley MKVI Standard issue for the British Empire from 1887, the Webley is still in use int he war against the undead due to extremely powerful .455 cartridges. The solid top-breaking revolver build requires long reload times. Pistols

Related achievements-trophiesEdit

Icon Name Description Gamer Score Trophy
I can do anything I want. I got guns I can do anything I want. I got guns Complete the weapon mastery for 3 weapons. 30 Silver
Weapons expert Weapons expert Complete the weapon mastery for any weapon. 15 Bronze
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